Step 2:

​Lift the cab ! This makes the Bulletproof process much easier.

Step 9:

​Split the turbo and clean the veins.

A common issue with the turbo is a lot of carbon build up on the veins which can cause a loss of power, since the turbo is removed during the Bulletproof process we take the extra step of splitting and cleaning it. A new turbo oil drain tube is installed as well.

Step 11:

​Remove the EGR valve and clean all of the excess carbon. As seen in the picture to the right, these valves have a problem when there is too much carbon built up they stick open which causes a check engine light and could cause running issues. To eliminate this issue we install an SCT X4 tuner which has the capability to turn the EGR valve on and off when needed. We also set the tune to tow safe with an added 50hp, we do not recommend going over 75hp additional unless the cylinder heads are o-ringed.

Step 7:

​After re-installing both cylinder heads the ARP head studs are installed in place of Fords factory head bolts. The most common myth for the cause of the head gaskets blowing are due to Fords OE head gaskets themselves, that is not the case. The reason for the Ford head gasket failure is actually due to the head bolts themselves, they are stretch to yield meaning over time the head bolts actually stretch and allow the head gaskets to lift. By installing the ARP head studs it eliminates that issue. The injectors are re-installed with new O-rings. After installing the oil rail, the new plugs and tubes are then installed in the oil rail.

Step 5:

​Remove the oil cooler. In these pictures you'll see where a mixture of coolant and oil is sitting underneath of where the oil cooler is located. That mixture gets cleaned out and the surface gets cleaned and grinded in order for the new gaskets to adhere properly. A new OEM oil cooler is then installed as well as a new screen and gaskets. Another common issue with the 6.0L engine is the screens underneath the oil cooler will tear apart due to debris getting through the system.

Step 1:  

​When the vehicle is cold (has set overnight) we like to hook the scan tool up and check the injector readings. We like to do this because it saves the customer money in the long run since the injectors are removed either way during the Bulletproof process, so the customer does not pay any extra labor to have new injectors installed.

Step 6:

​Remove and replace the EGR cooler with Bulletproof Diesel's lifetime warranty EGR cooler. As you can see in the picture to the right we have an OEM EGR cooler (pictured left) and Bulletproofs EGR cooler, (pictured right) they have different cores. Bulletproof updates the EGR coolers with round tubes in the core, this upgrade is stronger and allows for better heat resistance compared to the thin fin core.

​For more information on Bulletproof Diesel's products

​Additional recommended upgrades

​Bulletproof Diesel offers an improved FICM power supply over the factory one. Here is a description of the product straight from Bulletproof Diesel's website.

The BulletProof FICM is an upgraded power supply which is now available in both a 4-phase or 6-phase version. The BulletProof FICM also comes with an all-billet aluminum housing for improved heat dissipation and an updated look.

The 4- and 6-phase versions of the BulletProof FICM power supply feature a much thicker, vibration-resistant printed circuit board, military grade electrical components, a full board heat-sink and strong circuit board construction. While the 4-phase version is a greatly improved upgrade of the 4-phase OEM power supply, the 6-phase version of the BulletProof FICM features two additional circuits that share the work load with the other four. The improved circuitry and upgraded components - combined with additional circuits - means this power supply is worthy of the name Bullet Proof Diesel.

The 6-phase version of the board has user selectable settings to increase the voltage output to either 53 or 58 volts, up from the standard 48 volts.

The BulletProof FICM does NOT need to be programmed because this product is JUST the power supply portion of the FICM, not the entire FICM. The entire FICM consists of two parts: the logic board and the power supply. The logic board seldom fails and it is the part with the programming on board. The power supply half of the FICM fails 9/10 times (according to Ford) and this portion of the FICM does not need to be programmed.

Early testing results have revealed unexpected positive side effects. These side effects experienced by other customers include increased fuel economy, faster starting, overall performance increases, better cold driveability and the overcoming of fuel injector stiction.

The answer to your 6.0 engine issues

​Step 10:

​​​We are no longer able to get the rebuild kit for the OEM FICMs unfortunately. We now recommend upgrading to the Bulletproof either 4 or 6 phase FICM.

Step 8:

​The re-assembly process.

​Re-install rocker boxes and valve covers with new gaskets. Install new intake gaskets.

Ray's Automotive, LLC.

​Stock oil cooler system vs the Bulletproof Diesel oil cooler kit. When installing this kit there is additional labor involved as well. Watch the video below for detailed information on why this upgrade is HIGHLY recommended.

Step 12:


​The oil is replaced with Rotella 15w-40 (unless the customer otherwise specifies) and BG diesel oil conditioner is added. The oil filter is replaced with a Motorcraft filter (we do not recommend installing aftermarket oil filters). Both fuel filters are replaced with Motorcraft filters. We add stanadyne fuel additive to help keep the fuel system clean, which we recommend using regularly.

Step 4:

​​On the late 04 - 07 6.0's the high pressure oil pump comes factory with a quick disconnect fitting which has a very common problem with coming apart and causing a hot start issue, to fix this problem during the Bulletproof process we install the updated kit which deletes that fitting.

Step 3:

​The cleaning process.

​Both of the cylinder heads are removed and taken to our machine shop where Ray, the owner and the machinist, goes through the process of pressure testing and resurfacing both cylinder heads as well as resurfacing the exhaust manifolds. We want to make sure there are no cracks in the cylinder heads before re-installing. Resurfacing makes for a clean smooth surface for the new gaskets to be applied.

​Starting price $6550.00 for a true no imitation Bulletproof. We've heard a lot of people call in for prices saying they were quoted an astronomically lower price for a "Bulletproof" from other repair facilities. If you are quoted a cheap price on a bulletproof, it's because it's not an actual Bulletproof. More times than none when we have investigated these prices the shops are installing aftermarket parts and are doing the bare minimum in order to "Bulletproof" your 6.0. There is no machining or testing done to the cylinder heads or exhaust manifolds as well as the head gaskets were not being replaced with OEM Ford gaskets but rather black onyx or another type of aftermarket head gasket. Before you compare apples to apples do some investigating and ask questions. We are the only nationally accredited Bulletproof installer in our area, which means you can go on Bulletproof Diesels website , type in our zip code and we will be the only shop listed in that area.


15488 Montanus Drive Culpeper VA 22701 US

​Bulletproof Diesel offers an improved design of the water pump. The OEM water pump (pictured left ) has a plastic fin design which has issues with cracking. The Bulletproof water pump has an aluminum fin design.


​"The Bullet Proof Diesel Billet Water Pump is designed for maximum durability. It features an aluminum impeller in place of the OEM plastic impeller, top of the line bearing assembly, top-grade seal and an all-billet precision machined housing. This stronger impeller resists cracking along the hub helping to prevent impeller failures, overheating engines and expensive repairs. The aluminum impeller is also stiffer and stronger and therefore less likely to flex under heavy loads, leading to less cavitation and less erosion within the front cover. The billet housing is strong and more precise than a typical water pump cast housing."

​The following is included in the standard Bulletproof kit:

*OEM head gaskets                      ​​*Turbo oil drain tube

*ARP head studs                        *HPOP quick disconnect delete kit

*Bulletproof EGR cooler                *IPR valve screen kit

​*OEM oil cooler                        *Thermostat

​*Oil cooler gasket set                 ​*Intake gasket kit                    

*8 injector o-ring kits                *2 stand pipes and 2 dummy plugs

*Motorcraft oil and fuel filter        *Fan clutch wire harness saver

​*Rocker box gaskets                    *Oil pressure switch

​*EGR valve seal kit​                    *VGT wire harness